The time frame to complete any project will depend on many
factors such as the detail needed, how much coverage is
desired, and of course, what the properties of the metal are,
which will determine the level of difficulty to engrave.  Amount
of coverage will be a matter of personal taste to the customer
and depends on what look the client is looking for.
I am accomplished at both Western and English styles of
engraving and my intention has always been to deliver quality
craftsmanship over the quantity of mass production.  This
means that great care goes into each engraving.

Contact me for more information concerning any custom engraving you'd like done.
Using a pneumatic hand-held engraving machine, I am able to
harness a piston-and-hammer type of action for intricate and
precise work.
Houston's Hand Engraver provides custom engraving services
for many applications, such as parts for custom lowrider cars,
motorcycle parts, door handles, and knives.  Since each piece
is individually handcrafted, the results are unique items
limited only by the client's imagination.  The unmistakable
sharpness, clarity, and attention to detail ensure the work of a
professional and skilled craftsman.